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Legal notice
The site purpose is to give information on CFAO.
By CFAO we mean the unity formed by a large number of companies that are related to it, within which it exercises, directly or indirectly, a real control. Through this site, the visitor recognizes he has had the possibility to read this warning. CFAO does its best to guarantee the accuracy and the updating of the information written in the site. CFAO reserves the right to correct the content, at any time and without any notice. Nevertheless, CFAO cannot guarantee the exactness, the precision or the exhaustiveness of the information placed at disposal in this site, included the hyperlinks or others computing links used, directly or indirectly, within the site. CFAO also warns the visitor that it's his responsibility to check the information through other means, including contacting the company.

As a consequence, CFAO accepts no responsibility:

• For any imprecision or omission concerning the site's available information;
• For any damage resulting from a third party's fraudulent intrusion that has caused a modification of the information placed at disposal in the site;
• And more generally, any damage, direct or indirect, coming from any reason, origin, nature or consequence, provoked from the access of anyone to the site or from the impossibility to have access to it, as well as the use of the credit given to any information deriving directly or indirectly from this last one.

The information spread through the site has not to be considered as an incitement to investments. It must not be interpreted, in any case, as a canvassing and it is not anymore an offer of subscription, purchase or shares and stock exchange. It has not been supervised by authorities, required in case of public investment calling procedures.
The reproduction of any documents published in the site is only authorized as an information source for personal and private use. In all other cases the reproduction and the use of the site information is strictly forbidden. Any site visitor, who gives information to CFAO, allows it all the transferable rights on the information and authorizes it to use it as it likes.

The information given by the visitor will be considered as being confidential and must be correct, lawful, and must not damage a third party's interests.
In conclusion, this site has been declared to the "Commission Nationale Informatique et des Libertés", in pursuance of the January 6, 1978 French law. Any person cited in this site can exercise an access, modification, rectification or suppression right on the information concerning himself (see Access rights rubric).

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CFAO is a leader in the specialized distribution in Africa and in the French Overseas Collectivities. CFAO's main line of business are: distribution of vehicles with CFAO Automotive, of pharmaceutical products with Eurapharma, of technologies with CFAO Technologies and of consumer goods with CFAO Industries & Trading.