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CFAO Motors in Nigeria
CFAO Motors in Nigeria

CFAO MOTORS, a subsidiary of CFAO, has been developing its activities in Nigeria for 80 years.

CFAO Motors is the exclusive distributor for the Chevrolet, Peugeot, Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Fuso brands in Nigeria. CFAO Motors has completely refurbished its After-Sales service in 2007, aiming to satisfy its customers by offering them a quality service, at international standards.
From its Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt sites, CFAO Motors is doing everything to meet its customers’ expectations.

CFAO Motors Nigeria presents ASX, the new Mitsubishi model, to the press

On March 31, at the Lagos dealership, the CFAO Motors team presented Mitsubishi’s new ASX model to the specialist press.

A road test of the vehicle followed the presentation to the delight of journalists.

The new ASX, is available with two different engine sizes and the ten journalists present were able to road test the 4 vehicles available over a 130 km course. The presentation finished with a cocktail party on Lagos beach, organised by CFAO's teams.

Navin Chander, Chief Executive of CFAO Motors and his whole commercial team had organised this event locally, with the support of the Sèvres teams. This presentation of the Mitsubishi ASX received wide coverage in the specialist press, as shown by the many articles which appeared in the press at the start of April.

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